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Duplicating your fundraising page on Facebook

Once you’ve set up your personal fundraising page through Classy, you can duplicate your fundraiser to Facebook to easily boost your reach and help provide an even bigger impact.

Screenshots connect a Facebook Fundraiser
  1. Access your fundraising page. 
  2. Log in at the top-right of the page if you haven’t already.
  3. Select the “Manage” button at the top-right of your page.
  4. Select the Facebook tab.
  5. Select the “Create” button.
  6. When the Facebook login prompt appears, log in if you haven't already.

  7. Make sure the “Manage your Fundraisers” toggle is on.

Note: To create a Facebook fundraising page, you'll need to have the “Manage your Fundraisers” toggle enabled. If you do not enable the toggle and try to create a page, you may see an error message. To fix the issue, view these troubleshooting steps.

Once you complete these steps, your Facebook fundraising page will appear on your Facebook activity feed. Select “View” on the tile that appears to visit your Facebook fundraising page.

From there, you can share both your Classy fundraising page and Facebook fundraising page with friends and family to gather donations.

Edit the page

When you create a Facebook fundraising page, the following information will transfer over from your Classy fundraising page:

  • The campaign’s background image.
  • Your fundraiser name.
  • Your page headline.
  • Your fundraising goal.
  • Your fundraising end date.

While the background image can only be changed in Facebook, you can edit the other details at any time from your Classy fundraising page. To do so, select the “Details” tab in the editor for your Classy fundraising page. The changes you make will automatically apply to your Facebook fundraising page.

You can also edit your Facebook fundraising page directly on Facebook, but any changes you make won’t transfer to your Classy fundraising page.

Fundraising activity

When someone donates to your Facebook fundraising page it will update your total fundraising progress. The donation will also appear on your Classy fundraising page’s activity feed.

If you want to comment on a donation made on Facebook we recommend doing it within Facebook since that was the preferred method of engagement.


Who or what is Classy? Classy builds fundraising software for nonprofit organizations like the MUSC Foundation.

Can I just create a fundraising page on Facebook? Yes, but the donations from Facebook won’t display on your Classy fundraising page. We recommend creating your Facebook fundraising page through Classy to combine the benefits of both Classy and Facebook’s tools.

When should I use my Classy page and Facebook page? Classy fundraising pages are great for sharing via email or texting to friends and family. Facebook fundraising pages automatically publish to Facebook so they can instantly reach your social network. No matter where you receive donations your fundraising progress will stay in sync.


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