#iamMUSCPharmacy celebrates the rich tradition of pharmacy education that has taken place at MUSC for more than a century.

MUSC Pharmacy students

Support the College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy currently has two main philanthropic goals, the Building the Future of Pharmacy Campaign and increasing the college’s endowment – including endowed scholarships and endowed professorships.

Contributions to the Building the Future of Pharmacy Campaign go to creating a first-class facility for MUSC pharmacy students. Professorships and scholarships ensure we can recruit the best faculty and students to maintain the MUSC pharmacy standard of excellence.

Funding Priorities

The College of Pharmacy has embarked on an ambitious mission to maintain and build upon its reputation as one of the nation’s top pharmacy schools, producing a greater number of well-trained pharmacists to serve our population. In order to achieve this goal, it must pursue the following three-part strategy.

Goal 1: Maintaining an excellent physical setting 

The College of Pharmacy has committed to creating a new innovative space in the heart of its campus in Charleston. Plans call for the construction of a 24,000-square-foot facility, plus the renovation of shared space in the adjacent Basic Science Building and Colbert Education Center. Moving the College from its current 70-year-old facility to a new modern space on the Horseshoe would enable the College to meet the evolving needs of a digitally connected and highly collaborative health care campus. It would also bring the College closer to its practice pharmacy and research happening in the Drug Discovery Building.

Goal 2: Attracting and retaining world-class faculty

Of all the factors that comprise our rich learning environment, we place an extremely high premium on our faculty. Competition for top faculty is fierce and relentless, and more financial resources are needed to support their recruitment and retention.

Goal 3: Attracting and supporting gifted students

Approximately 90 percent of our pharmacy students rely on financial support to pay for their education. Scholarships enable us to compete for academically talented students who are aggressively recruited by other academic medical centers and universities. Through these scholarships, MUSC is able to produce the next generation of top researchers and health care professionals.