MUSC Pharmacy students


#iamMUSCPharmacy celebrates the rich tradition of pharmacy education that has taken place at MUSC for more than a century.

Building the Future of Pharmacy


The Building the Future of Pharmacy Campaign is more than a fundraising initiative. It’s about remaining a leader in research, patient care, and pharmacy education; it’s about educating leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents; it’s about changing what’s possible in pharmacy education.

For more than 70 years the current building on Calhoun Street has been home to pharmacy education at MUSC. It remains the “face” of pharmacy for many in the state of South Carolina today. Despite the leaky roof, outdated facilities, and small lecture halls, the College continues to recruit the best and the brightest students because of everything else the College has to offer: an outstanding faculty, a major teaching hospital, the PharmD/MBA and PharmD/Ph.D. programs, and a location in Charleston – one of the top destinations in the world.

In the spring of 2010, the College of Pharmacy kicked off an initiative to elevate the outdated classrooms and physical facility to the state-of-the-art education our students receive inside those classrooms. Since then the College has raised more than $7 million, the single most significant fundraising achievement the alumni of the College of Pharmacy have put together.

“We have a world class teaching hospital and an outstanding faculty. The people who teach are the ones who wrote the chapters in the textbook,” said Trey Schlitz, a graduate of the class of 2011 and member of the Building Leadership Committee. “The thing missing is top-of-the-line facilities.”

In the fall of 2018, the MUSC Board of Trustees took the first and most important step toward the fulfillment of this vision. Specifically, the board voted to authorize hiring an architectural firm to design an innovative new space for the College of Pharmacy.

Plans call for the construction of a 24,000-square-foot facility in the heart of campus, plus the renovation of shared space in the adjacent Basic Science Building and Colbert Education Center. Moving the College from its current 70-year-old facility to a new modern space on the Horseshoe would enable the College to meet the evolving needs of a digitally connected and highly collaborative health care campus. It would also bring the College closer to its practice pharmacy and research happening in the Drug Discovery Building.

Leaders within the College and University have agreed to name some of the most significant areas of the new space to honor the key investors in this initiative. The most prominent naming opportunities will be included here as they become available.