Arts in Healing

Arts in Healing is much more than a diversion to keep people from becoming bored during their hospitalization

Arts in healing

Support Arts in Healing at MUSC

Arts in Healing is currently staffed by four board-certified art therapists, three music therapist and a team of interns and volunteers. 

Working hand in hand with each patient’s caregiver team, these individuals provide therapy both at the patient’s bedsides and in group settings throughout all of MUSC’s  clinical spaces.

The program is available to all hospitalized patients as well as their family members. We also work with patients in outpatient care and with MUSC’s caregivers, to help them manage the stress, burnout and compassion fatigue often associated with patient care. 

How you can help

The Arts in Healing program at MUSC depends on funding from caring friends like you, who share our belief in the innate restorative power of the arts, and wish to bring that healing to our  patients, families and caregivers alike.

  • Your gifts can support our current therapy programs and help us expand it to include more art and music therapists and a new program in dance/movement therapy. Looking ahead, we would like to expand the program to offer it to patients in home health settings.
  • They support our outpatient group program, allowing us to offer creative arts therapy to those receiving treatment in oncology, sickle cell clinic, palliative or hospice care.
  • We are also grateful for donations of artwork, art/craft materials, musical instruments or any other supplies that help supports healing through creativity!