An institution built on pride

From a single building in downtown Charleston grew the state’s premier academic medical center, one that today includes 25 departments and is recognized as a national leader in medical education, research and patient care.

College of Medicine Students

Support the MUSC College of Medicine

At the MUSC College of Medicine, we believe the destiny of a medical profession belongs to the brightest, most gifted and hardest working among us – and it should never be denied because of a student’s financial challenges. 

Opening Doors Scholarship Campaign

In 2014, the College of Medicine launched its first ever alumni scholarship campaign as a three-year initiative to raise $30 million dollars in funds to aid our students ease their educational debt. While we are delighted to announce that we have now raised close to $36M million in scholarships during this campaign, there can never be enough! With that in mind, we continue to seek scholarship funds so that we can provide even more financial support for our students whose average debt is $200,000 when they graduate from medical school. 

The rising cost of a medical education

For many of us who graduated from the Medical University, tuition represented a significant but reasonable investment in a rewarding life and fulfilling career as a physician.

In 1970, this investment would have been about $500 a year.

In 1990, it would have been about $5,000 annually.

Today, after years of rising costs and steep cuts in state subsidies, tuition alone is more than $36,000 a year.

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Scholarships...the key to continued access

The cost of a medical education has risen to the point where, for many, it no longer represents an investment, but an impediment… a closed door, both to our College and a fulfilling career in medicine. We believe our profession belongs to the most gifted, hardest working individuals among us, and that tuition should never be the reason these candidates turn away from a career in medicine. This is why we are now seeking to raise additional scholarship support.

With a gift you can...

  • Remove tuition as a barrier to a career in medicine.
  • Help keep our classrooms filled with the most gifted, motivated, hardest-working students possible, regardless of their financial circumstances. 
  • Allow our students to focus on their studies, instead of how they’re going to pay for school.
  • Minimize debt repayment as a factor in their career decisions. 
  • Create a meaningful legacy for yourself here at your alma mater, the MUSC College of Medicine.