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A national leader for nursing, the MUSC College of Nursing has set its sights on increasing the number of nurses in the workforce

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MUSC Nurse wearing PPE for COVID precautions

Roadmap to the Future

Addressing a critical need for nurses in the age of a pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported a shortage of nearly six million nurses worldwide. The demand for professional nurses is now even more urgent because of the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A national leader for nursing, the MUSC College of Nursing has set its sights on increasing the number of nurses in the workforce by focusing on two key areas:


South Carolina health by national rankings

The pandemic is exacerbating chronic disease in SC, particularly in rural low-income communities.

South Carolina Health Stats as reported by UHF
  • 45th highest for diabetes
  • 42nd highest for high cholesterol
  • 42nd highest for overall premature death
  • 43rd highest for high blood pressure
  • 67% Obese or overweight

Chronic disease, premature death, and the risk factors that lead to these outcomes are substantially more common in SC than in the rest of the United States

The MUSC College of Nursing raises philanthropic funds to address the dire shortage of nurses. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help.  

Why the MUSC College of Nursing?

The MUSC College of Nursing has a long and distinguished history of more than 136 years preparing the finest professional nurses who care, cure, and create new knowledge in improving the health of individuals, families, and communities. We educate more than 600 students each year at the highest levels. On average, 98% of graduating students believe that the education they receive at MUSC is exceptional.

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These patients are so sick. It’s like triaging, in a sense. Just discerning how you’re going to prioritize care. It’s rewarding, but it has also been the hardest and most harrowing time of my career.

Caroline Wright, ABSN 2018

Caroline Wright in PPE

“Every day that I’m on the frontlines fighting the pandemic, I am humbled by patients and the unity amongst the staff that I work alongside. In a time of such heartache and despair, I have been able to find the silver lining, discover my leadership potential, while continuing to reignite the flame and passion I have for healthcare.”

Ashley Kilcrease, US Navy Veteran, Travel Nurse (Bluffton, SC)

Ashley Kilcrease

I spent hours at my father’s bedside studying, holding his hand and trying my best to understand his physician’s plan of care. After almost two years of caring for my father, his life was taken away from us. My passion for nursing stems from losing someone to cancer who meant the world to me and always supported my every decision.

Genevieve Salzer, Scholarship Recipient

Genevieve Salzer