Support for our clinical, educational, and research efforts goes a long way enhancing the student experience in professional healthcare.

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MUSC College of Health Professions students in rural clinic setting

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You can help passionate students realize their dreams. You can help turn our faculty’s discoveries into practice. And by supporting our research centers and labs, you improve real people’s lives in real ways.

Technology that supports learning. Buildings that bring our community together. Professionals who will improve countless lives. Past private support of the college has made all that possible. Just imagine what the future holds.

Funding Priorities

Dean Zoher Kapasi has identified fundraising priorities that support the college’s strategic plan and will advance our vision to “improve the heath of populations by developing and inspiring health scientist and leaders.” These areas of need, especially for student support, have been exacerbated by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Open doors of opportunity for future health care leaders. Fewer than 20% of College of Health Professions students receive scholarships. Your investment will help us give more scholarships to deserving students.

Help future health care leaders establish their credibility and build their professional network. Your support makes it possible for College of Health Professions students to gain valuable experience at conferences, presentation seminars and professional forums.

The Stroke Recovery Research Center (SRRC) at the MUSC College of Health Professions is considered one of the nation’s leading centers for stroke research. The center currently supports 30 studies on stroke recovery. Your investment will help take stroke research from discovery to recovery!

Give students hands-on training and experience as they serve our community. College of Health Professions students run a free rehabilitation clinic for those with little to no insurance in the Charleston area. They also support a free therapy camp for children each summer.