At 25 years old, he knew his heart was failing

Daniel numbers among the more than 400 patients to receive a heart transplant at MUSC over the past 30 years.

Who you help
Daniel Cole, wife Lindsay, and baby boy Noah

Support the Heart & Vascular Center

The MUSC Heart & Vascular Center has made enormous strides in providing the citizens of South Carolina with the most advanced heart care available anywhere. We now aim to build on this success, accelerate our efforts, and build a nationally preeminent center that leverages its inherent strengths as part of an academic medical center.

To enable this transformation, we must make new investments in the following four areas:

We aim to recruit and support the nation’s best cardiovascular specialists in the nation.

Our goal is raise at least $5 million to establish endowed chairs to attract and support national leaders for our following programs:

  • Congenital heart disease
  • Vascular surgery
  • Genetics • Congestive heart failure
  • Prevention/hypertension

We will continually strive to develop new and better ways to treat our patients.

Our goal is to build a $25 million research endowment to help us explore:

  • New ways to treat heart attacks.
  • New ways to repair muscle-tissue damage resulting from heart attacks.
  • Where cardiovascular and other problems originate in the patient’s genetic code, so that we can better understand how to treat them.
  • How to use patients’ own cells to replace damaged valves and heart tissue.
  • More efficient and effective ways to deliver life-saving care to the people who need it most.

We will be the institution of choice for cardiologists-in-training.

Our goal is to raise $2 million to create and support eight new training fellowships that will provide cardiology students with highly advanced training in congenital heart disease, heart failure, vascular surgery, hypertension, and other specialties.

We will build a depth of expertise, training programs, and delivery systems focused on the most serious and prevalent cardiovascular problems facing our nation.

Our goal is to raise $20 million to establish centers of excellence in structural heart disease, heart failure, personalized cardiology, and electrophysiology/arrhythmia.

How you can help

As part of an academic medical center, the MUSC Heart & Vascular Center is guided by a three-part mission of research, patient care, and education. This mission is what makes it unique and drives continued innovation in patient care. 

Gifts from people like you empower us to fully live into this mission. By making a gift to the center, you can help us:

  • Provide our patients with the most advanced and compassionate care.

  • Provide our physician trainees and existing specialists with the most advanced training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular ailments.

  • Discover new ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat heart and vascular problems.

  • Help our patients and their families enjoy longer, healthier lives.