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Whether you start a fundraiser or give to one – every dollar supports the Medical University of South Carolina in its lifesaving mission.

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Patients, Students, Health Care Workers of MUSC

Email writing tips

There’s no magic formula for writing the perfect fundraising email. Just speak from your heart. You know your family and friends best.

Get personal. How did MUSC change what’s possible for you? Share your story even if you think your friends and family already know it – you never know who you will inspire.
Be specific about what you need. Share your goal and ask for a donation.
Make it easy. Include the direct link to your fundraising page.
Say thank you! Let them know you appreciate their time and support.

Still having trouble finding the right words? Try our template.

Start an Email

If you’re still not sure what to say, try our sample fundraising email. Just fill in the blanks with your personal details.

Your Name

What are you fundraising for

Why you are fundraising

Fundraiser Goal

Fundraiser Deadline

How much do you want them to give

Link to your fundraising page:

Who are you emailing:

Sample fundraising email

Dear [Name],

I want you to be one of the first to know I’m fundraising for [designation, e.g. cancer research] at the Medical University of South Carolina. This cause is important to me because [Add your personal reason. A truthful emotional appeal works best!].

I hope you'll support me by donating to my fundraiser. My goal is to raise $[0.00] by [date]. If you could contribute $[amount] (or more!), I'd really appreciate it!

[Link to your fundraising page]

It would also mean a lot if you could share my fundraiser link on social media. The more it’s shared, the faster I’ll reach my fundraising goal.

Thank you so much!

[Your name]

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