Our Big Idea

A national leader for nursing, the MUSC College of Nursing has set its sights on increasing the number of nurses in the workforce

Opportunities for Support
MUSC Nurse wearing PPE for COVID precautions

Legacy Society

When you make a planned gift to the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Nursing, you will be honored as a member of the MUSC Legacy Society. Members of the society have chosen to support one of the finest healthcare institutions in the country. They know that the assets they leave to MUSC will continue to grow and support a cause dear to their heart long after their lifetime.

We feel privileged to recognize those who leave a lasting legacy. Appropriate acknowledgment and recognition will be respected, including anonymity if desired. Below is a listing of the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Nursing Legacy Society Members.


Ms. Jeanne S. Allyn

Ms. Marguerite A. Assey

Dr. Elizabeth M. Bear

Ms. Renee M. Black

Mrs. M. Azalee P. Blitch*

Mrs. Mary S. Cash*

Dr. Kay K. Chitty and Mr. Charles B. Chitty

Mrs. Jean S. Day

Mrs. Nettie D. Dickerson*

Mr. and Mrs.* Ira M. Estridge

Dr. Cotesworth P. Fishburne, Jr. and Dr. Shirley H. Fishburne

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Fountain

Ms. Ellen L. Gaillard*

Mrs. Dolores E. Grimes*

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Halsey

Mrs. Borghild M. Helgesen*

Ms. Florence V. Illing*

Dr. Carolyn M. Jenkins

Mrs. Charlotte M. Knapp*

Mrs. Nancy S. Lynn

Mrs. Anahita Modaresi and Mr. Daniel Perlmutter

Dr. and Mrs. Heidar A. Modaresi

Ms. Mary J. Neff

Ms. Annie K. Norton*

Dr. and Mrs. H. Biemann Othersen, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Seinsheimer, Jr.

Mr. Harry O. Shaw III

Mrs. Marion P. Shearer*

Mrs. Nina A. Smith*

Mr. Stephen Stewart*

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Stringfellow*

Mrs. Frances J. Thomas

Mr. Spiro C. Vallis

Mrs. Jean P. Wilson*


Asterisks denotes that the member is deceased.