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The MUSC College of Nursing is grateful for every gift, large and small. We deeply appreciate our generous supporters who keep our beloved nursing school fiscally healthy and strong. From individuals and families, to students and employees, to corporations and foundations, the vision and generosity of these donors propel our institution forward and provide us with countless opportunities to change what’s possible in nursing. Every gift to the College of Nursing matters, and we are proud of our extensive donor family.

The MUSC College of Nursing thanks the following individuals for their contributions to the MUSC College of Nursing. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.

$50,000 and above

Mr. Charles B. Chitty and Mrs. Alice R. Chitty

Clare Foundation

Dr. Christopher E. Clare

Dr. Lewis M. Davis Jr.

Duke Endowment

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Maurice E. Halsey

Mrs. Maureen S. Hamilton and Mr. David Hamilton

National Christian Foundation

New Morning Foundation

Mrs. Mary W. Swain and Mr. David C. Swain Jr.

Whitehead Foundation, Inc.

Zero to Three Foundation


$49,999 - $25,000

Dr. Deborah C. Williamson and Dr. David R. Garr

Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Macy, Jr. Foundation

Roper Saint Francis Healthcare


$24,999 - $10,000

Ms. Renee M. Black

Dr. Kay K. Chitty and Mr. Charles B. Chitty

Mrs. Ruth B. Limehouse

Mr. Patrick W. Marr and Mrs. Maureen O. Marr

Mrs. Corinne V. Sade and Dr. Robert M. Sade

Mrs. Beverly D. Seinsheimer and Mr. Walter G. Seinsheimer Jr.

Mrs. Linda H. Wilkens, USN


$9,999 - $1,000

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Aid to Education Program

Dr. Julie V. Barroso

Mrs. Mary E. Canaday and Dr. Stephen D. Canaday

Charleston County Medical Society Alliance

CVS Health

Dr. Raymond N. DuBois Jr. and Mrs. Lisa A. DuBois

Mrs. Ann D. Edwards and Dr. James B. Edwards

Mrs. Jill R. Ewell and Mr. Gregory S. Ewell

Dr. Nancy J. Finch and Mr. Henry T. Finch Jr.

Mrs. Joan S. Halkyard and Mr. Edwin Halkyard

Hamilton Electrical & Plumbing, Inc.

Mrs. Sheralyn S. Heyse and Mr. Frederick H. Heyse

Dr. Carolyn M. Jenkins and Mr. Warren Jenkins

Dr. Laurin J. Kaasa Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Kaasa

Mr. Amos B. Kelchner and Mrs. Betty C. Kelchner

Mr. James J. Kerr and Mrs. Harriette F. Kerr

Mr. Fredrick W. Kinard Jr.

Dr. Richard M. Kline and Mrs. Katherine C. Kline

Mr. Anthony Lanzone and Mrs. Juliann H. S. Lanzone

Ms. Jo A. Lee

Mr. Theodore E. Levin and Mrs. Rose Levin

Ms. Nancy W. McClelland

MUSC Alumni Association

Mr. Michael C. Pace

Reitman Family Foundation

Mr. Robert S. Reitman and Mrs. Sylvia K. Reitman

Steinberg Law Firm, LLP

Mr. Alan Swain

Dr. Jane M. Zapka and Mr. David J. Zapka


$999 - $500

Dr. David Barkley and Mrs. Joan Barkley

Dr. Elizabeth M. Bear

Dr. Daniel P. Gracie

Mrs. Hattie Halsey

Dr. Leslie R. Justice and Mr. David A. Justice

Mrs. Elizabeth Khan and Mr. Jamie Khan

Mrs. Edith D. Lucas

Dr. Gayenell S. Magwood and Mr. Robert L. Magwood Jr.

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Maree and Mr. F. Kenyon Maree

Mrs. Cheryl R. McCoy

Dr. Heidar A. Modaresi and Mrs. Ingrid Modaresi

Dr. Susan D. Newman

Mr. James R. Oakley and Mrs. Leah D. Oakley

Mrs. Laura V. Schaefer and Mr. Eric Schaefer


$499 - $250

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Janice G. Agazio and Maj. Timothy C. Agazio

Ms. Jean E. Alexander

Mrs. Jessie D. Atkinson

Mrs. Margaret C. Burwell and Col. Jack O. Burwell Jr.

Dr. James T. Christmas and Mrs. Brenda D. Christmas

Dr. William R. Cook Jr. and Mrs. Sharon W. Cook

Dr. Catherine O. Durham

Mrs. Sylvia E. Friedner and Mr. Jerry F. Friedner

Ms. Barbara Johnson-Williams and Mr. Cecil J. Williams

Dr. Teresa J. Kelechi and Mr. James R. Kelechi

Ms. Susan Lewis

Dr. Jerry A. Mansfield and Mrs. Jane Mansfield

Mrs. Phyllis S. Medoff

Mr. Lee H. Moultrie II

Dr. Martina Mueller

Dr. Lynne S. Nemeth and Dr. Steven M. Ornstein

Mrs. Saranel M. Niver

Ms. Mary F. Peete

Ms. Joyce L. Peterson

Mrs. Sharon P. Schuler and Mr. Milan R. Schuler

Dr. Mitchell J. Seal and Mrs. Helen P. Seal

Dr. Georgette M. Smith and Mr. Frank A. McMahon

Mrs. Kathleen A. S. Stephens and Dr. David S. Stephens

Mrs. Alice F. Summers

Mrs. Suzanne C. Yarborough and Mr. Edwin T. Yarborough

Mr. Henry A. Zeigler


$299 - $100

Mrs. Elowise H. Anderson and Mr. S. Jenkins Anderson

Dr. Diane J. Angelini

Mrs. Valerie H. Assey

Mrs. Katharine D. Beard and Mr. Henry E. Beard III

Mr. Michael T. Beshay

Dr. Pia B. Biason-Webb and Mr. Scott Webb

Mrs. Jane E. Biggs and Mr. Robert H. Biggs

Dr. Sharon M. Bond and Mr. James C. Blain

Dr. Phyllis A. Bonham and Mr. Carl N. Johnson

Dr. Walter M. Bonner, Jr. and Mrs. Beverly S. Bonner

Mrs. Marie C. Bridges and Mr. Jimmie R. Bridges

Dr. Cordellia E. Bright

Mrs. Deborah H. Brooks and Mr. Jack J. Brooks

Dr. Deborah C. Bryant

Captain Gloria H. Caffrey and Captain John F. Caffrey

Mrs. Karen E. Carnevale and Mr. Robert B. Carnevale

Mrs. Deborah C. Carter and Dr. James F. Carter

Mrs. Julie A. Clark and Mr. Timothy J. P. Clark

Dr. Charles M. Collins, Jr. and Mrs. Audrey B. Collins

Dr. Garris K. Conner

Dr. Donna J. Corley and Mr. G. R. Jones

Mrs. Joe Ann E. Cox and Dr. Ralph E. Cox Jr.

Mrs. Brenda H. Craig and Mr. T. L. C. Craig III

Col. Raymond H. Crum Jr.

Dr. Anita C. Curl and Mr. Lonnie B. Curl Jr.

Mrs. Joan L. Daniels and Mr. William L. Daniels

Major Edward R. Davis

Mrs. Veronica M. Deas and Mr. Garryl L. Deas

Ms. Mandisa D. Dennis

Mrs. Jennifer S. Doles and Dr. Lonnie R. Doles

Ms. Tara M. Dorundo

Ms. Michele D. Drake

Cmdr. Amy L. Drayton

Mrs. Gloria H. Dunlap and Mr. Robert L. Dunlap

Dr. Barbara J. Edlund and Mr. William H. Edlund

Mrs. Sonya S. Foster

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Fountain and Mr. Jacob J. Fountain

Ms. Roberta M. Frasier

Mrs. Paige W. French and Mr. John E. French III

Mrs. Carol J. Frye and Mr. Jim L. Frye

Mrs. Gwendolyn Geddies and Mr. Paul Randolph

Ms. Jeannette C. Glenn

Mrs. Kathleen E. Goodwin and Lt. Col. Ronald R. Goodwin

Mrs. Betty L. Gore and Dr. Robert T. Ball Jr.

Mrs. Alicia P. Grant and Mr. Alfred J. Grant Jr.

Dr. Cameo A. Green

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Sandra Green

Mrs. Carolyn J. Grimball and Mr. John B. Grimball

Mrs. Mary B. Gwyn and Mr. J. Richard Gwyn

Ms. Brenda C. Haile

Mrs. Patricia M. Harder and Mr. Henry D. Harder

Mrs. Rebecca C. Harlan and Dr. Joseph E. Harlan Jr.

Dr. Elizabeth D. Harmon

Dr. Patricia A. Hart and Mr. Scott A. Hart

Mrs. Ginger D. Hill and Mr. Craig E. Hill

Ms. Karen L. Hiott

Dr. Cameron W. Hogg and Rev. John Hogg

Mrs. Betty J. Howell

Ms. Catherine M. Hudak

Dr. Roy E. Hudgens, Jr. and Mrs. Lottie C. Hudgens

Ms. Hazelmarie Huff

Dr. Mary R. Jacob and The Reverend Melvin R. Jacob

Dr. Delwin B. Jacoby and Dr. Keith J. Jacoby

Ms. Marilyn D. James

Mrs. Frances S. Jones and Dr. Barry N. Jones

Mrs. Mary L. Jones

Lt. William L. Jones and Mrs. Rita A. Jones

Mrs. Lynn F. Kelley and Mr. Jack T. Kelley

Mrs. Shirley S. Keyes and Mr. Abbie V. Keyes

Dr. Fred M. Kimbrell and Mrs. Betty R. Kimbrell

Mrs. Barbara S. Laidlaw and Dr. James C. Laidlaw

Mrs. Leah P. Lanier and Mr. Norman Lanier

Dr. Joy A. Lauerer and Mr. Kenneth Lauerer

Mrs. Julie L. Lorris and Mr. Peter H. Lorris

Mr. Mohan Madisetti

Mrs. Martha Sue D. Maloney and Mr. Charles S. Maloney

Mrs. Ann S. Mappus

Mrs. Marilyn M. Mattice and Mr. Wray W. Mattice

Mrs. Debra B. Mattison and Dr. H. R. Mattison

Ms. Michelle K. Maybell

Mrs. Christina L. McDaniel and Mr. Dennie M. McDaniel

Ms. Marjorie T. McManus

Ms. Laura Medoff

Mrs. Sarah F. Meyer and Mr. Gene Meyer

Dr. Meredith W. Michel

Dr. David W. Moon and Mrs. Mary M. Moon

Dr. Ngan K. Moran

Ms. Jane M. Morgan

Dr. John K. Nickles and Mrs. Barbara M. Nickles

Mr. Thomas P. Nolen and Mrs. Georgiana T. Nolen

Mrs. Mary C. Perano and Mr. Alan M. Perano

Mr. Russell E. Perkins and Mrs. Patricia D. Perkins

Mr. Daniel Perlmutter

Dr. Maryellen Potts

Mrs. Barbara M. Righter and Mr. Robert Righter

Mr. John S. Rodenberg and Mrs. Catherine T. Rodenberg

Dr. Savannah C. Rogers

Mrs. Sandra W. Rund and Mr. Charles Rund

Mrs. Katherine W. Seabrook and Mr. William J. Seabrook

Mrs. Jane L. Siedlarz and Mr. Raymond T. Siedlarz

Mrs. Constance B. Simons

Dr. Valeria D. Smith

Mrs. Mary W. Spackman and Mr. Elwood H. Spackman Jr.

Mrs. Nancy F. Tassin and Mr. Kenneth M. Tassin

Mrs. Ginny D. Thaxton

Mrs. Frances Ann D. Theile

Dr. Kathryn A. Van Ravenstein and Mr. David Van Ravenstein

Ms. Sharon L. Vendrick

Ms. Sheila T. Walters

Ms. Susan M. White

Mrs. Betty S. Whitesell and Mr. Joel Whitesell

Ms. Gloria K. Wilson

Ms. Kimberly L. Witte

Ms. Laura E. Woyahn

Dr. Joseph C. Yarbrough Jr. and Mrs. Harriet T. Yarbrough

Mr. James L. Yearwood Jr.


$99 - $1

Mrs. Karen H. Adams and Mr. Timothy J. Adams

Mrs. Amelia B. Alderman and Mr. Robert L. Alderman

Ms. Shaniqua D. Alston

Ms. Deborah C. Ammons

Dr. Stephanie C. Armstrong

Mrs. Rhoda M. Ascanio

Mrs. Barbara E. Atwater

Mrs. Myrtle H. Bailey

Mrs. Anita G. Baker and Mr. Laurin M. Baker

Ms. Gwen W. Beall

Mrs. Anne L. Beck and Mr. Charles A. Beck

Ms. Lorri A. Bennett

Mrs. Colleen W. Bible and Mr. Robert Bible

Mrs. Judy K. Black

Mrs. Brenda S. Brastauskas and Mr. James P. Brastauskas

Ms. Patricia D. Brinson

Mrs. Loretta R. Brockenfelt and Mr. William P. Brockenfelt

Ms. Annie S. Brown

Mrs. Doris K. Brown and Mr. Michael A. Brown

Ms. Kathryn M. Brown

Mrs. Geraldine M. Campbell

Ms. Mary P. Canton

Ms. Maria E. Cardenas

Dr. Melanie H. Cason

Ms. Karen C. Caudill

Dr. Jessica L. Chandler

Mrs. Joyce S. Chaplin

Ms. Jane P. Chrysostom

Dr. Evelyn R. Coe and Mr. Larry Coe

Mrs. Barbara M. Connor and Dr. Gregory S. Connor

Mrs. Patricia A. Cook and Dr. Taylor I. Cook

Mrs. Rachel D. Coon and Mr. Carl C. Coon Jr.

Mrs. Mary E. Cotterill

Ms. Sara A. Currence

Mrs. Eleanor L. Currin and The Reverend B.M. Currin, Ph.D.

Mrs. Diana D. Curtis

Mrs. Monica C. Dainer and Dr. Paul M. Dainer

Mrs. Carole D. Davis

Mrs. Mary O. Davis and Captain William A. Davis

Mrs. Jill S. Deich and Mr. Charles S. Deich

Mr. Thomas M. Diamond and Mrs. Janice W. Diamond

Mrs. Lynn M. Dryzer and Dr. Scott R. Dryzer

Ms. Holly E. Edmunds

Mrs. Debra L. Ferrara and Mr. John A. Ferrara

Mrs. Joan D. Ferrer and Mr. Larry T. Ferrer

Ms. Rochelle Fisher

Mrs. Deborah A. Fogleman and Mr. Roy L. Fogleman

Mrs. Mildred L. Fueyo

Mrs. Vernell S. Fulton and Mr. Douglas J. Fulton

Mrs. Patricia H. Furr

Mrs. Anne Galipeau and Mr. William Galipeau

Dr. Tracy P. George

Mrs. Michelle L. Grant

Mrs. Wanetta J. Grignol and Mr. Ronald M. Grignol

Mrs. Lucille H. Guerry

Dr. Virginia C. Hall

Mr. Albert Heatley Jr. and Mrs. Mildred H. Heatley

Ms. Christal M. Henricks

Ms. Mary T. Hougland

Mrs. Alice L. Howell and Mr. William E. Howell

Mrs. Miriam M. Hunter

Ms. Rudie B. Ivester

Mrs. Andrea P. Jackson and Mr. Stanley A. Jackson

Mrs. Teresa E. Jenkins and Mr. Everette Jenkins

Ms. Betty Jennings and Mr. Glenn T. Foust III

Mrs. Marlene P. Jett

Mrs. Carolyn G. Jordan and Mr. James C. Jordan

Mrs. Hilary K. Joseph and Mr. Elijah R. Joseph

Ms. Kathleen M. Kiesel

Dr. Gary C. Kimsey and Mrs. Roberta H. Kimsey

Ms. Shyronda A. Knotts

Mr. Robert Kwafo

Ms. Karen S. Langston

Mrs. Virginia S. Ledbetter and Mr. Curtis J. Ledbetter

Mrs. Laurann Litchfield and Mr. Harry S. Gray Jr.

Mr. Carlos A. Lopez

Mrs. Sydney G. Lubkin and Mr. John C. Lubkin

Ms. Molly M. Lussier

Mrs. Nancy S. Lynn

Mrs. Ann L. Magwood and Mr. Wayne Magwood

Ms. Lisa A. Manni

Ms. Deborah M. Martin and Mr. Edmund Martin

Mrs. Carolyn C. Matthews

Ms. Marcella D. McCall

Mrs. Ashley McGowan

Mr. Benjamin F. McGuckin Jr.

Mrs. Linda L. Mendonca

Mrs. Dolores A. F. Millings and Mr. Ronald A. Millings

Ms. Rosie B. Mintey

Mr. Craig Mitchum

Mrs. Anahita M. Modaresi and Mr. Daniel Perlmutter

Mrs. Tommye T. Morris and Mr. Robert E. Morris

Mrs. Wendy A. Muzzy and Mr. Sean Muzzy

Mrs. Diane J. Myers and Mr. Nathaniel Myers Sr.

Mr. Karl E. Naugle Jr. and Mrs. Joan Naugle

Lt. Col. George M. Neil, USA (Ret.) and Mrs. Freya C. Neil

Mrs. Anita Joyce H. Nichols

Mrs. Amy E. Oliver and Mr. B. Scott Oliver

Mrs. Carolyn F. Page and Mr. John L. Page

Ms. Ramona Y. Parker and Ms. Crystal Parker

Mrs. Rosanne W. Pate and Mr. Michael Pate

Mrs. Samantha A. Perlmutter and Mr. Jacob B. Perlmutter

Ms. Paulette B. Perry

Ms. Kathleen A. Peterson

Mrs. Candy E. Purcell and Mr. William J. Purcell

Mrs. Gloria H. Purcell

Mrs. Betty S. Quiat

Dr. Susan E. Reinarz

Ms. Courtney J. Renault

Ms. Patricia M. Richardson

Mrs. Diane G. Ridley and Mr. Edgar B. Ridley

Mrs. Nancy A. Roberts and Mr. Milton F. Roberts

Ms. Meggan M. Rogers

Dr. Kenneth J. Ruggiero and Mrs. Deana I. Ruggiero

Dr. Pandora H. Ryant

Mrs. Mona C. Sechrest and Mr. Randy Sechrest

Ms. Stacey L. Seipel

Mr. Jamie M. Sicard and Mrs. Adrianne Sicard

Ms. Faith M. Singleton

Mrs. Donna P. Smith and Mr. David L. Smith

Dr. Dianne M. Smolen and Dr. Gerald E. Smolen

Dr. Nancee V. B. Sneed and Mr. John W. Sneed

Mrs. Antoinette W. Stanton and Mr. Jack D. Stanton

Mrs. Cathy S. Stokes and Mr. Henry C. Stokes Jr.

Ms. Kathleen A. Stovall

Dr. Martha L. Sylvia

Ms. Diane I. Taylor

Dr. John A. Tenini

Dr. Ashley M. Thibodeau

Dr. Marie C. Thomas

Ms. Paula J. Thomson

Ms. Beverly L. Turner

Mrs. Lucy W. Turner

Mrs. Evelyn O. Wear

Mrs. Patricia A. Weathers and Mr. Donald F. Weathers

Mr. James J. Weidel

Mrs. Sue D. White and Mr. Robert A. White

Mrs. Ellen M. Williams and Mr. Willson M. Williams Jr.

Mrs. Denise T. Wood and Mr. Paul L. Wood

Mrs. Martha L. Yarborough

Mrs. Margaret M. Zee

Dr. Andrena S. Zeigler and Mr. Allen Zeigler

Mrs. Angeline D. Zervos