Employee Initiatives Grant Proposal Evaluation Procedures

Applications to the Employee Initiatives Grant are reviewed by a diverse committee of MUSC employees. Reviewers will read each proposal, score and select the top projects according to the grant criteria and guidelines.

Thank you for your time and support through this process!

The guidelines for grant voting are as follows:


  • What other sources of funding may be available for this project?
  • Is the amount of funding requested for this grant reasonable and consistent with the project?
  • Is the budget clearly defined?
  • Is the project part of a larger effort already funded by a grant?


  • Does the project coincide with the MUSC’s mission – education, patient care and research?


  • Has the project timeline been sufficiently developed?
  • Is the project a one-time effort or is continuous funding needed to maintain it?
  • Is this a pilot project that may lead to future endeavors or further funding from additional sources?


  • Who will this project affect?
  • Which projects will have the greatest impact on the largest amount of people?
  • Which projects will give us “the biggest bang for our buck?”


  • Are we able to evaluate the project’s outcome?
  • Will we be able to see improvement or positive results from this project?