#iamMUSCPharmacy celebrates the rich tradition of pharmacy education that has taken place at MUSC for more than a century.

MUSC Pharmacy students

Dean’s Circle

The College of Pharmacy Dean’s Circle is made up of all of our current and planned giving donors to the college. We understand that donors have many choices for their philanthropic support and we are grateful to each of our donors who help us in imagining what’s possible in pharmacy education.

Members of the Dean’s Circle receive special personalized communication from the dean and recognition in the college’s publications.

2019-2020 Dean’s Circle

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Algozzine

Mr. John A. Archambault and Dr. Mary T. Archambault

Dr. Shelly B. Barrow

Dr. Anthony C. Beall and Dr. Kim S. Beall

Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Bednarczyk

Mr. Christopher Behr and Dr. Connolly P. Behr

Dr. Casey N. Bell and Mr. Reginald D. Bell

Mr. Craig Bennett III and Dr. Molly H. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny J. Bethea II

Ms. Jeanine E. Blakely

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Blum

Dr. Adam R. Blumer, Jr. and Dr. Nancy A. Blumer

Dr. Nicole M. Bohm and Dr. Ronald R. Neyens

Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Bonk *

Dr. John A. Bosso and Dr. Jean M. Nappi

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Bradham

Mr. and Mrs. Brent T. Brady

Dr. Scott W. Bragg

Mr. Michael L. Brian and Dr. Amy H. Brian

Mr. and Mrs. Miller Brice

Dr. + and Mrs. Richard T. Brock *

Mr. and Mrs. Emory O. Brown

Dr. J. Leo Brueggeman *

Mr. Karl Bruster

Dr. Teresa M. Burks

Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Cambre

Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Carros

Mr. Robert P. Carson + and Dr. Deborah S. Carson

Dr. Wai-Ting Chan

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Chavis

Dr. She-Chia S. Chen

Dr. Alexander W. Chessman and Dr. Katherine H. Chessman

Mr. and Dr. Ellis D. Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Cooper *

Ms. Jacquelynn E. Cooper *

Dr. Lisa M. Cordes and Mr. Mitchel F. Cordes

Dr. John F. Cormier and Mrs. Louise A. Cormier *

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Corn

Mr. Bradley J. Couchenour and Dr. Rachel L. Couchenour

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Cox

Mr. + Robert D. Craft and Mrs. Alycia A. Craft *

Dr. James M. Culhane and Dr. Nicole S. Culhane

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cyr

Dr. Rashad Y. Darby

Mr. Donald K. Darr and Dr. Eva G. Darr

Mr. James H. Davis

Dr. Justin H. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony T. DeClue

Mr. and Mrs. John W. DeMars, Jr.

Dr. Paul W. Dempsey and Rev. Paula Jo C. Dempsey

Mr. Charles T. Dennis, Jr. +

Dr. Margaret T. DeVier and Mr. Charles DeVier

Dottie's Pharmacy, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Doyle III

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor M. Draper

Dr. Shannon J. Drayton

Anonymous *

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunmyer *

Major Christopher J. Dykes and Captain Lisa A. Dykes

Dr. Heather Easterling

Ms. Akilah Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Edwards

Mr. Steven T. Eggleston

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Eison

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Elder, Jr.

Dr. Kerri R. Farrelly

Dr. Joli D. Fermo

Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Few

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Flanders, Inc.

Mr. James T. Flynn

Dr. Megan E. Flynn

Dr. and Mrs. Kwame E. Fosu

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Frady

Mr. John Freitas and Dr. Joni F. Freitas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gajewski

Dr. Emily A. Gaman

Mr. Perry L. Garner and Dr. Sandra S. Garner

Dr. Kelli D. Garrison and Mr. Daniel J. Garrison

Gaston Community Foundation

Geneva Medcom, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Gerhart

GlaxoSmithKline Foundation


Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Glazer

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Golod *

Ms. Abby K. Grady

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Graham II

Mrs. Lisa H. Gramling

Dr. William C. Griffin III and Dr. Holly R. Griffin

Dr. Christopher V. Groke

Dr. Nina J. Guo

Dr. Philip D. Hall and Dr. Rayna Kneuper Hall *

Dr. Mark T. Hamann

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hammett

Dr. Jason Haney & Dr. A. Lauren Haney

Dr. Ester R. Hare

Hart’s Professional Consulting & Tutoring

Ms. Stephanie J. Harter

Dr. Genevieve L. Hayes

Col. William M. Heath *

Mr. and Mrs. Theron C. Hegler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Henry

Dr. M. Quinn Herr and Mr. John P. Herr *

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Herring

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Hess

Mr. Robert M. Hill and Dr. Elizabeth G. Hill

Dr. Jessica L. Ho

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hodges

Dr. Mark W. Hohenwarter and Dr. Susan M. Hohenwarter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Holladay

Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hook

Dr. Katherine M. Horn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hubbard III

Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Kandi Hunt *

Intramed Plus, Inc.

Dr. Kenneth H. Jackson and Dr. Cherry W. Jackson

Ms. Marylee Jackson

Dr. E. Christopher James *

Mr. LaVern R. James

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jenkins

Mrs. Babbie B. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jones

Dr. Staci L. Jones

Mr. John G. Kanellos + and Mrs. Hamilton R. Kanellos

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Karig

Kelly's Family Pharmacy

Dr. Fred O. Kessler IV

Dr. Palmira T. Khalil

Stephanie E. Kirk, Pharm.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Steffen Kobleur

Dr. Kyle P. Kokko

Dr. Callie A. Lane

Dr. Marc LaPointe and Ms. Helene Tremblay

Dr. Erin E. Lattimore

Ms. Amelia Joan Gross *

Dr. Bart Lawrence and Dr. Julie D. Lawrence

Dr. Heather N. Lees Rygwalski

Mr. Dean Legge and Dr. Jessica T. Legge

Mr. Frank Bono and Dr. Carol M. Liotta-Bono

Ms. Patricia B. Lott

Dr. Don A. Lusk and Mrs. Fiona Davidson-Lusk

Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Lyon

Dr. Ashley V. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Marks

Ms. Pamela A. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. William Mauritz

Dr. Joseph E. Mazur and Dr. Jennifer N. Mazur

Dr. Charles Y. McCall and Dr. Karen L. McCall

Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. McDow

Dr. Rachel A. McFall

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. McWhorter

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Milam

Mrs. Katherine A. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Moore

Mr. Bill Myers and Dr. Kendra K. Myers

National Community Pharmacists Association Foundation

Dr. Mark A. Newnham and Dr. Marisel Segarra-Newnham

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Newton, Jr.

Ms. Anhthu T. Nguyen

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Oakley

Mr. and Mrs. John P. O'Brien, Jr. *

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Oxendine

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Patel

Dr. Alice L. Paysinger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Peacock, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Pender

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Peng *

The Pharmacy Network Foundation, Inc.

Phi Lambda Sigma

Dr. Linette A. Phillips

Dr. Edward L. Pickett

Mr. and Mrs. Graham R. Pigg

Dr. and Mrs. Page H. Pigg

Mr. Timothy C. Pigg

Dr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Pinosky

Mr. James S. Pitts

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Planton

The Reverend Dr. John Vernon Platt * +

Anonymous *

Dr. Dana K. Pompey-Powell

Dr. Kenneth A. Poole II and Dr. Lorie L. Poole

Mr. and Mrs. + B. Edwin Powell, Jr.

Mr. Max D. Ray

Ms. Vashti D. Ray

Dr. Gretchen L. Redline

Mrs. Diane R. Reeves

Dr. and Mrs. George P. Reid III

Mr. and Mrs. David Reid

Dr. Jessica R. Reihl

Dr. Valerie O. Relias

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Rhye

Dr. Calita S. Richards

Dr. Pamela J. Rodgers

Mr. David K. Rogers

Mr. Michael Romann and Dr. Susan k. Romann

Mrs. Brenda M. Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sauls

Dr. Clarence E. Schiltz III *

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Schnatz II

Schwab Charitable Fund

Dr. Marilyn R. Semenchuk

Dr. Brooke E. Shaner

Dr. Heather D. Sharpe *

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Shirley

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Sims

Dr. Phillip C. Singleton

Dr. Walter H. Singleton III

Mr. Thomas G. Slaughter * +

Mr. LeRoy Sluder III

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred A. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Seth C. Smith, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Soltis

Mr. Leonard J. Brooks and Mrs. Margie S. Spain-Brooks

Dr. Jenna L. Spell and Mr. Timothy R. Spell

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Stabler

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Steadman

Dr. and Mrs. John G. Steedman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Stehlik

Mr. Gregory D. Stephens and Dr. Jennifer M. Stephens

Dr. James J. Sterrett and Dr. Jennifer N. Sterrett

Mr. and Mrs. M. Gray Stewart, Jr.

Dr. Gideon A. Stitt

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stoll

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stroder

Mr. Arthur M. Sutherland

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Sypniewski, Jr.

Mrs. June A. Taylor

Dr. Margaret A. Taylor

Dr. Tasha S. Thomas

Mrs. Constance M. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. E. Raymond Todd, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Tomlinson, Jr.

Dr. Hoai D. Tran

Mr. Joseph A. Tuk and Mrs. Sunday D. Tuk

Dr. Ryan M. Turner and Dr. Kristen L. Turner

Dr. Walter E. Uber and Dr. Lynn A. Uber

Walgreens Company

Dr. Jennifer L. Walters

Mr. Jason Wanner and Dr. Melissa S. Wanner

Mr. and Mrs. Archie B. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ward

Ms. Mavis C. Waymer

Dr. Erin R. Weeda

Mr. Brian Westley and Dr. Forrest H. Westley

Ms. Minnie Whetstone

Dr. Roger L. White

Mr. and Mrs. David Whitlock *

Dr. Pamela A. Whitmire *

Dr. William A. Wier IV

Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wiest

Mr. Ralph M. Wilkie * +

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Williams, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. + Richard D. Williams

Mr. H. Thad Wimberly and Dr. Jennifer H. Wimberly

Dr. Christopher S. Wisniewski and Dr. Jennifer N. Wisniewski

Mr. Chi Shing Wong and Dr. Delores J. Wong

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Cathy Worrall

Dr. Patrick M. Woster and Ms. Carin L. Jorgensen

Dr. and Mrs. William P. Wynn III

Mr. Warren H. Yeager, Jr.

Dr. Christian E. Younts

Mr. and Mrs. George Zecopoulos

Dr. Zhi Zhong

Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Zompa


* Indicates member(s) of the Legacy Society

+ Indicates deceased