In celebration of life made new

MUSC’s Transplant Center has achieved much in its short history. Incredible research developments over the past fifty years are paving the way for new discoveries that will vastly improve patient care and outcomes.

Patient and nurse hugging

Who you help

Our patients: 

We want every transplant to be as successful as possible, for as long as possible. Our team is working on targeted delivery of immunosuppressant medications that send drugs directly to the area of need, thereby reducing organ rejection. We're also implementing strategies to extend the life of donated kidneys and working to correct common problems after transplant. In addition to looking after our recipients, we intend to establish a Donor Wellness Program to keep our heroes healthy after donation.

Our researchers:

Our laboratories bring together bioengineers, transplant surgeons and researchers in one setting with the hope of providing better transplants and, one day, possible alternatives. For example, an MUSC bioengineer designed a 3-D printer that makes it possible to take a sample from a donated organ and use it to fabricate multiple copies. 

Our community:

Even statistics can't fight the stigma against organ donation, so it's our charge to educate both recipients and living donors through patient navigators within their own communities. We aim to use telehealth technology to reach more people and those who otherwise do not have access to transplant education, while initiating community-wide educational partnerships.