In celebration of life made new

MUSC’s Transplant Center has achieved much in its short history. Incredible research developments over the past fifty years are paving the way for new discoveries that will vastly improve patient care and outcomes.

Patient and nurse hugging

Get involved

Although MUSC is a state institution, only 3 percent of our budget comes from government funding. We aspire to provide the best facilities, scientists and technologies to deliver optimal care for both transplant patients and live donors, but we recognize that we can only reach our goals through private philanthropic gifts. Our generous supporters have funded a number of living donation research, education and awareness programs, including:

Supporting the effort to send trained patient navigators throughout the region to help educate transplant patients, potential living donors, physicians, and their staff about the benefits and risks of live organ donation

Allowing us to recruit and retain the leading transplant surgeons and researchers from across the country who have chosen MUSC as the home where they have dedicated their professional lives to their patients and the science of transplantation

Enabling live donors to afford the travel and time missed from work so that they can participate in donating an organ.

Attend the 2nd Chance Golf Invitational

Our 2nd Chance Golf Invitational tournament and celebration reception began in 2016 with the dedicated support a small group of transplant recipients and their families. The event at Crooked Oaks Golf Course on Seabrook Island takes place in mid-May and provides a picturesque setting to celebrate transplant success and provide funding for an even brighter future.