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Where help is needed

The Storm Eye Institute has great potential for growth in both basic research pertinent to eye disease, and in clinical programs that will depend extensively on the integration of genomic, molecular, and cellular research.

Funding priorities

Joseph Cavanaugh Patient Education Fund

Support education.

South Carolina Lions Eye Research Fund

Each year the SC Lions support a different member of our research faculty and his or her pilot research with an average annual contribution of $50,000. Through their initial investment in our research, the SC Lions have helped Storm Eye to achieve millions in dollars of project funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Storm SIGHT Free Clinic

The SIGHT free clinics provide quality health serves to the underserved community in Charleston and surrounding counties and also offers medical students a hands-on educational opportunity.

Williams Glaucoma Fund

Support Ola B. Williams Glaucoma Center

If you are uncertain about which fund or program to support you may designate your gift to the Area of Greatest Need.