2017 Annual Report on Giving

2017 Annual Report on Giving

We share with you this special Annual Report on Giving as affirmation of the power of philanthropy and a testament not only to the work of our caregivers but also to the generosity of the community that makes their amazing work possible. Together we learn. Together we discover. Together we heal. Together we are changing what’s possible.

At a glance

Number of gifts: 14,453

Gifts and pledges broken down by type of donor

Total Gifts & Pledges: $62,241,172

Alumni $3,037,200
Faculty and Staff $862,072
Students $14,458
Volunteer Boards $1,740,420
Other Individuals $16,371,377
Corporations $15,955,207
Foundations $13,089,269
Nonprofit Organizations $11,171,169



MUSC Foundation total endowed assets (in millions)
MUSC Foundation total assets (in millions)
MUSC Foundation assets trending up

This is a true story.

Newborn Harper Brown wrapped in a yellow blanket

Together we learn. Together we discover. Together we heal. Together we are changing what's possible.

Halfway to term, new parents learn their unborn daughter’s diagnosis: the most severe form of a spinal cord defect. They know that she might never walk, that she might never control her bladder or bowels.

They accept months of uncertainty to come. They recognize that answers will arrive only after her birth. And they place their faith in a team of caregivers at the Medical University of South Carolina.

This is a story about a hospital – doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, midwives, schedulers – building and executing a plan to provide for this family, both medically and emotionally. It’s a story about an entire community of caregivers working together, from supporting the parents with genetic counseling to monitoring the baby’s tiny heart.

This is Harper’s story. It’s MUSC’s story. And because you’re part of our extended family of friends and supporters, it’s your story, too. When you see our mantra -- “Changing what’s possible” -- this story is what we mean.  

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