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A music therapist kneels on a blanket on a hospital floor, playing guitar for a 2-year-old heart patient dressed as a super hero. He is wearing a blue cape with blue goggles pushed up on his head.

Music Instrumental in Recovery

October 12, 2021

Music therapy is complimentary for patients and families who stay at MUSC, thanks to generous donors who make the program possible.

Hunter sits in a Charger division race car

Life in the fast lane 

September 08, 2021

Hunter Thomas is living his NASCAR dream because of lifesaving care you help make possible.

William Manzie selling lures

In honor of his grandfather

January 09, 2017

William Manzi started his business, a fly-tying company called Lowcountry Lures, before he finished elementary school

Showing 1 – 3 (of 3)