Why give to MUSC?

February 12, 2024

Your will or living trust is a lasting statement of what was important to you during your lifetime. Where you direct your lifetime of earnings and savings says a great deal about you – who and what you held dear, what touched you and enriched your life, and what you want to ensure for the next generation.

We recently asked a few donors to share why they chose to give to MUSC through their will or living trust.

Because MUSC saved my life

Ricky and Tina Doscher 
Tina and Ricky Doscher, Legacy Circle members

“MUSC saved my life, and I am still grateful to this day. We have chosen to give to MUSC because our donation makes a difference, if not immediately, then years down the road. There are many worthy nonprofits, but a gift to help build a facility or a gift that helps provide lifesaving technology and treatments that continues to save lives many years down the road, is the best gift of all.”

Because MUSC is a worthy investment

Julia and Delaine Robbins 
Julia and Delaine Robbins, Legacy Circle members

“Our goal is to help an aspiring physician to achieve his or her dreams. We are also mindful of all the patients that will benefit from this physician’s knowledge. Good health will add a lot of happiness to the lives of a lot of people. In other words, this is a lot of bang for the buck.”

Because we need more nurses

Maureen and Patrick Marr 
Maureen and Patrick Marr, Legacy Circle members

“Maureen and I are pleased to be able to make a financial commitment to the MUSC College of Nursing. Providing resources to secure additional faculty members so that we can increase the number of nursing graduates is near and dear to Maureen's and mine goals to solve for nursing shortages that affect all departments in the health care industry. Nursing is overlooked by many in and out of the industry, but they are actually the backbone of health care services.”

Donors’ Impact

In the last three years, 76 donors have committed $32,048,366 in future gifts to MUSC through their wills or estates.

Donors who make a commitment to support MUSC’s future through their will, estate or living trust are recognized as members of MUSC’s Legacy Circle. Their generosity and vision provide the university with the long-term financial stability needed to ensure the continued pursuit of its mission.

Giving through your will or living trust is easy to do. Learn more about estate planning or start a conversation with:

Dana R. Taylor, CFRE
Director of Planned Giving
Medical University of South Carolina