MUSC alumna gives back because of kind, supportive faculty

Djamila Kelly Sakairoun
February 28, 2023
Dr. Talati and Family
Dr. Talati with her family. From left, son Viren, husband Raja with their dog Theo, Kamini and son Vivek.

Kamini Talati, D.M.D., is a 2002 graduate of the MUSC James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine and a member of MUSC’s Compassion Circle. Dr. Talati gives monthly to the college’s Dental Loyalty Fund, which helps provide student scholarships.

A Q&A with Dr. Kamini Talati

Tell us about your experience with the College of Dental Medicine.

The first two years were demanding due to the course load; however, they equipped me with the knowledge to be successful during my clinical years. The faculty’s drive to create a nurturing environment at MUSC was paramount in preparing me for life beyond dental skills. I truly admire the faculty’s respect and kindness to my peers and me. A vivid recount is when I was anxious about taking the Florida dental boards. I was required to take all my tools; the faculty not only helped me but went above and beyond by extensively preparing me for all the procedures and arming me with the necessary armamentarium (tools) to be successful. 

All of this to say, I am more than grateful for my dental school experience. After speaking to many colleagues over the past 19 years, I have discovered that this kind of support was unique to MUSC.  

As an alumna, why is it important to you to give monthly to the college?

My success as the owner of a dental practice is mainly due to my time at MUSC. I feel eternally grateful to the faculty and the College of Dental Medicine. 

How would you encourage other alumni to give?

I highly encourage them to give, as they would not be where they are without MUSC. Any form of support to show gratitude is excellent, whether that be time or money. The profession we practice today was made possible by MUSC’s kind and nurturing faculty and staff, and for that, I am truly grateful.