Dr. Di Salvo’s hope for the new year

Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
February 05, 2021
Thomas G. Di Salvo

Cheers to 2021!

As I reflect on 2020, I cannot help but feel an abundance of gratitude for the continued support of our dear Heart & Vascular (H&V) friends. With your sustaining generosity, we have been able to not just continue, but to expand and deepen critical aspects of our clinical, research, and education programs. More important, with your confidence, solidarity, and giving, we have been able to touch so tangibly the lives of those we are privileged to serve. We are deeply appreciative and indebted, particularly during these challenging times.

Our most important mission in H&V remains to diagnose, treat, and heal. We put patients and their families first. At a time when the nation’s attention is understandably focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, I would ask you all to remain mindful of the need to monitor and take care of your cardiovascular health. February is American Heart Month and, as such, is a good time to remind you of the importance of taking preventative steps in stewardship of your cardiovascular health. Aim to exercise for 30 minutes a day for five days per week, make wise food choices, know and monitor your blood pressure if elevated, and do your daily best to take medications prescribed by your physicians. We know they reduce risk!  We also encourage you to help educate your families and friends about the importance of life-long risk cardiovascular prevention.

Even as we continue the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and battle the virus in our hospitals and communities, we will never lose our focus on the care of patients with heart and vascular disease. You have our heartfelt commitment to continue providing you and your families with the very best heart care. In this spirit, I invite you to join us this year and learn more about how you can engage and make a difference.

Sincere regards,

Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
Professor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
Volpe SmartState® Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Biomarker Development and Molecular Proteomics
Director, Division of Cardiology
Director, Heart and Vascular Integrated Center of Excellence