At 25 years old, he knew his heart was failing

Daniel numbers among the more than 400 patients to receive a heart transplant at MUSC over the past 30 years.

Who you help
Daniel Cole, wife Lindsay, and baby boy Noah

The MUSC Legacy Society

The MUSC Health Heart & Vascular Center recognizes and honors the following members of the MUSC Legacy Society. These generous individuals have made philanthropic commitments through their estate plans, providing the university with the long-term financial stability needed to ensure the continued pursuit of its mission. We remain most grateful. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Ackerman

Mr. David L. Brady and Mrs. Leslie Mehard Brady 

Mr.* and Mrs.* Thomas W. L. Cameron

Ms. Natalia Castillo

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Chalsty

Mr.* Morris B. Chesney

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Crawford Jr.

Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas D'Antonio

Ms. Harriett B. Daughtridge

Mr.* and Mrs. John C. Daughtridge Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent G. DiMauro

Mr.* and Mrs. Calvin H. East, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. O. Ralph Edwards

Mr. and Mrs.* James A. Fisher

Mr.* Sidney G. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Greer

Mrs. Lynda T. Harrill

Dr.* Amiot P. Hewlett

Mr.* George M. Hughes

Mr.* Benjamin F. Knott

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lurie

Mrs. Catherine M. Marino

Mr.* William B. Momier

Mrs.* Caroline E. Newman

Ms.* Eden Shawn Olesin

Mrs. Leigh Walker Sherman 

Mr. and Mrs. David Q. Soutter

Mr.* and Mrs.* John L. Strong

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sywolski

General* Thomas J. Thorne Jr.

Mr. Russell P. Vaughn and Mrs. Venetia F. Vaughn

Mr.* and Mrs. Charles E. Volpe

Mr.* and Mrs. Keith Sears Wellin (Wendy)

Anonymous (4)

To explore charitable giving options at any level or to learn more about making a significant philanthropic impact while also considering your retirement, inheritance and estate planning goals, please contact Leslie Brady in the Office of Development at or by calling 843-637-5640.