The legacy of a beloved MUSC employee

August 30, 2019
Jessica holds glass stones from the Ellie's Way kit
Palliative care specialist Jessica Bullington

An MUSC employee like you came up with an idea that brings comfort to our patients and families in palliative care. “Ellie’s Way” kits are packed with crafts and supplies for making keepsakes that help our patients and their loved ones feel connected even when they’re apart.

Included in the kits are glass stones that can be customized with a thumb or finger print on the back. When families are separated by illness, patients can rub the stone to feel close to their family. Families sometimes use them to pray or send positive thoughts to their loved one. For some families, the stones can help them cope with the loss of a loved one.

“Ellie’s Way” kits are one of the 25 projects supported by MUSC employees through grants from the YES (yearly employee support) Family Fund. A committee of 29 MUSC employees selected these projects from 43 applications. In all, the committee awarded $49,396 to stock “Ellie’s Way” kits, supply meal coupons to patient families, buy sound machines for the children’s cancer floor, and support 22 more projects!

Thank you for your support. These projects would not be possible without you!