Giving back to MUSC for 29 years

April 24, 2019
Cathy Martin
Cathy Martin, Office of Faculty Affairs

Since 1985, you and your coworkers have invested more than $8 million in MUSC’s programs through the Yearly Employee Support (YES) Campaign.

Some support educational funds like scholarships, while others give to research and patient care. Many decide to support different funds from year to year.

“I worked in cardiology with Dr. Gazes for 13 years, so I liked to give to the Gazes Cardiac Research Institute. And then when my husband had cancer and Alzheimer’s, the doctors here treated him for that. And when my sister had breast cancer, she was also the recipient of the good care here. Those experiences made me want to give to the YES Campaign and support MUSC in any way I can.”
—Cathy Martin, Office of Faculty Affairs

Cathy Martin in the Office of Faculty Affairs is one of these employees. She has been giving back to MUSC for 29 years. She says it’s easy to give back through the YES campaign every year because it always offers a fund that’s close to her heart.

Thank you Mrs. Martin and thank YOU to every employee who has supported the YES Campaign through the years! It starts with US – and together, we’re changing what’s possible.