Storm Eye Institute’s Fight for Sight free clinic

March 21, 2019
Residents at the CARES Clinic
Drs. Deidrya Jackson (l-r), Thomas Briggs, and Susannah Brown are among the students and residents who help staff the Fight for Sight free clinic with support from the YES Campaign.

“Vision changes can be very scary for patients, especially for those who fear they do not have enough money to have their eyes checked,” says medical student Hallie Hahn.

Hallie has been a volunteer at the Storm Eye Institute’s Fight for Sight free clinic for the last three years. Each year the clinic helps up to 250 patients who have little to no health insurance. MUSC students and residents run the clinic, setting up visits at sites throughout the Lowcountry a few times each semester.

The free service is especially important in a state like South Carolina, which has the nation’s 10th highest rate of diabetes, a leading cause of blindness and vision loss.

“As a diabetic myself, coordinating these clinics has been especially rewarding,” says medical student Jack Muus. “With such high rates of diabetes in the Charleston area, our clinics are a valuable resource for local, uninsured diabetic patients.”

The clinics also provide an invaluable educational experience for medical students and residents at MUSC. The students interview and examine each patient, working side-by-side with an ophthalmology resident who oversees their work.

Your support of the YES Campaign makes it possible for us to support valuable programs like these that serve our students, residents, and our community. Together, we are changing what’s possible in health care!