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Naming Opportunities

College of Nursing Foyer

MUSC College of Nursing Building | Goal: $8,000,000

The MUSC College of Nursing represents the most prestigious of naming opportunities at the Medical University of South Carolina. The beautifully renovated 54,000 sf building has been home to nursing education, practice, and science for generations. For five years in a row, the College has been ranked among the top colleges of nurses in the nation by U.S. World and News Report, and faculty has been an integral part of this impressive track-record. Ranked third in the nation for online graduate programs and 14th overall by U.S. News and World Report, naming the MUSC College of Nursing demonstrates an investment in the future of nursing and recognizes the incredible legacy of the institution over its 135-year history.

Student Spaces | $425,000 - $100,000

Classroom B - $425,000

This high-traffic space is one of only two lecture-style classrooms in the College of Nursing. More than 250 students attend lectures in the 1,650 sq. ft. stateof- the-art classroom. This is one of the main centers of student learning in the building.

Skills Lab - $165,000

Students practice basic and advanced skills in a technologically-advanced simulation laboratory. This space is critical to our BSN educational program and ensures that our students become proficient in clinical skills.

Student Lounge - $100,000

Students use this area for recharging, socializing, as well as group projects, and individual study. The space includes workstations, sitting areas, and a kitchen. This is the only exclusive student space within the building and is teeming with students each day.

Suites | $150,000

Research Suite - 5th Floor

The research suite houses the associate dean for research and administrative areas. The college boasts of a busy research department that has seen a rise in prominence over the years. Currently, the college ranks 13th in research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal grants among all U.S. schools of nursing schools. Namingthe research suite demonstrates an investment in the faculty and leadership in the College of Nursing that drive new discoveries in nursing science.

Practice Suite - 4th Floor

The area contains the Office of the Associate Dean for Practice and the administrative areas surrounding it. This space is home to the oversight and growth of numerous important advanced-practice initiatives that provide essential clinical learning opportunities for nursing students. Practice sites managed here include PASOs, the Hispanic Health Initiative, and School-Based Telehealth to name a few. Naming the practice suite demonstrates an investment in advanced practice innovation and clinical opportunities.

Academics Suite - 3rd Floor

This area contains the Office of the Executive Associate Dean for Academics and the administrative areas surround it. The College of Nursing is top-ranked for academics, listed in the top three schools of nursing in the nation for five years in a row for online graduate programs. Academic programs managed in the academic suite include the RN to BSN, ABSN, DNP and Ph.D. programs. Naming the academic suite demonstrates an investment in continued academic achievement at the highest levels.

Collaboration Spaces | $125,000

Converge Rooms 402, 420, 502, 520

Ideas, research, and technological design begin here on the top two floors of the building. These four large spaces (two rooms on both the fourth and fifth floors) were designed to encourage problem-solving teamwork by interacting with one another thus spurring collaboration and creative thinking.

Conference Rooms $85,000-$40-000

Room 513 - $85,000

One of our largest conference room serves as a meeting hub for students, student groups, faculty, and staff. Equipped with the latest technology, the room facilitates meetings and our graduate intensives in real time via telecommunications. Councils, professional associations, committees, and study groups all use this space.

Rooms 432 & 532 - $75,000

Our midsized conference rooms seat up to 12 and are utilized for graduate intensives and interprofessional meetings. Similar to our large conference room, they are equipped with the latest technology and can facilitate meetings in real time via teleconference.

Dean’s Conference Room - $65,000

An elegant conference room supports the work of the dean in this third-floor suite. Important meetings with the dean are held here.

Rooms 316 & 325 - $40,000

Our smallest conference rooms seat up to eight. These spaces allow for small group meetings, clinical group preparation, and clinical group feedback. Similar to our large and midsized conference rooms, they are equipped with the latest technology and can facilitate meetings in real time via teleconference.

Entry way | $50,000 - $10,000

Profiles of Caring - $50,000

This bronze sculpture set was designed by Charlie Pate, a prominent South Carolina artist, and was commissioned to celebrate the completion of the building renovation in 2015. The five statues depict the history of nursing over the past 125 years and are displayed together in the foyer, a prominent location and centralized meeting point in the college.

Entry Bookshelves - $25,000

Two stately bookcases stand outside the drawing room and archive room, showcasing our college’s impressive history and enduring legacy.

Showcases - $10,000 Each

These spaces are located in front of the elevators on each floor. Each showcase displays memorabilia, accomplishments, and awards throughout the college’s 135 years.

All gifts may be made over a four to five year period, a portion of which may be made in deferred giving.

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