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A Critical Need

The demand for professional nurses is now even more urgent because of the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Areas to support


The MUSC College of Nursing is leading a campaign to raise $1 million for nursing scholarships. The campaign is a direct response to a growing shortage of nurses, an impact that felt at the bedside of every patient in South Carolina – unless we act now.

Faculty Excellence Project 

The Faculty Excellence Project will provide additional funding to recruit, develop, and retain the best and brightest nursing educators, clinicians, and researchers. Competitive annual stipends to faculty will promote and enhance their scholarly and professional development, thereby elevating the academic caliber of the MUSC College of Nursing, increasing student enrollment, and positively impacting the nursing discipline and healthcare.

Global Initiative Endowment

With ongoing projects in India and Ghana and tremendous interest from students and faculty for annual trips, we seek to build an endowment to fund student and faculty travel, room and board, and medical supplies to screen and treat underserved patients who are at risk for or suffering from acute and chronic conditions. Furthermore, with an increasingly diverse patient population in the U.S., global initiatives impart in nursing students the necessary cultural competency skills to provide excellent care both domestically and internationally. 

Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs also are considered one of the highest honors an educator can receive.  Because they carry such prestige for those who hold them, chairs are invaluable in recruiting and retaining world-class educators and researchers.  They also provide a means by which educational progress within a certain field of study may continue and grow in the future. In that sense, the endowed chair leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter at hand – a vital growth process for a health care institution such as ours. 

Community Programs

Partners in HealthCare was established by the MUSC College of Nursing as an interprofessional, free clinic to provide health care to uninsured patients; addressing barriers to care that impact the physical health of individuals and the fiscal health of our community.