July 2020: COVID-19 update from Thomas Di Salvo, M.D., chairman of the MUSC Health Heart and Vascular Center

Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
July 20, 2020
Thomas G. Di Salvo

Dear friends,

We hope this note finds you safe, healthy and adjusting to the new normal imposed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, our thoughts remain with all of you who have suffered loss or any kind of difficulty during these troubled times.

At this writing, COVID-19 is on the rise, and infectious disease experts and epidemiologists believe the virus will likely be with us until development of an effective vaccine. Until then, we must remain vigilant in doing the small but important things we can each do to help slow the virus’ spread and minimize its impacts on our health and economy – washing our hands, wearing our masks and avoiding crowds.

Here at MUSC Health, our “new normal” includes caring for COVID-19 patients and preparing for any future “waves,” while also providing the fullest possible scope of services to patients with other health care needs.

This has meant adopting new approaches to the delivery of patient care, including online referral services, virtual visits, and limiting the number of family members who can accompany our patients during in-person visits. We believe these adjustments have provided us with an effective “workaround” during these challenging times and stand as a great testament to the resolve, resourcefulness, and “can-do” attitude present at every level throughout MUSC Health. 

As a community, we all bear the emotional ramifications of this unprecedented time. We are living in a unique period of our nation’s history. Rarely have we seen such a convergence of widespread illness, economic uncertainty, civil unrest, and intense societal partisanship. 

And yet, when I think about MUSC’s mission, advanced by the tremendous talents of our dedicated team and the support of people like you, I am incredibly optimistic about our future.

While many unknowns lie ahead, one thing is certain: The pathway forward relies on renewed focus, commitment to innovation, self-discipline, civility, empathy for others, and the continual expression of kindness to all. These qualities are deeply ingrained in MUSC’s mission and our institutional character. They have guided us through times of great challenge for nearly 200 years, and they will surely guide us through this one.

Thank you for all you do! Be safe and stay well.

Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
Professor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
Volpe SmartState® Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Biomarker Development and Molecular Proteomics
Director, Division of Cardiology
Director, Heart and Vascular Integrated Center of Excellence

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Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA

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