May 2020: COVID-19 update from Thomas Di Salvo, M.D., chairman of the MUSC Health Heart and Vascular Center

Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
May 05, 2020
Thomas G. Di Salvo

I know the last few weeks have been stressful because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to reassure you that MUSC is doing everything possible to stop the spread of the virus.  All of us are here for you, our community and our state. We won't waver from that commitment.

First, I want to update you on the changes to the MUSC Health Heart & Vascular Center during this pandemic. Though there have been numerous workforce adjustments, the center has remained intact. We have not furloughed any physicians, advance practice providers (APPs), nurses, techs ,or administrative assistants who roll up to the Heart and Vascular Integrated Center of Excellence (ICCE).  We adopted an "across the board" approach with salary adjustments instead that met the expense reduction target set for us. All of our clinical programs remain active and viable and have sufficient staffing. We are confident we will emerge as vigorous as we were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may have heard that MUSC was the first in the nation to combine a virtual screening service with drive-through testing for COVID-19. Recently, a team at MUSC developed a way to produce protective masks using a 3D printer! These kinds of incredible innovations are happening every day at MUSC and will be the key to slowing the spread of this virus and helping bring it to an end.  

MUSC has also set up an online information center so you can get COVID-19 updates from a trusted source. And if you’re concerned about the coronavirus or have symptoms you’re worried about, please set up a free virtual appointment through  

If you’re looking for a way to support our health care workers during this challenging time, I encourage you to contribute to a new COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund we have created for this purpose, or you may visit for more information about other opportunities. Thank you for changing what’s possible during this unprecedented health crisis. 

Stay well. We will get through this together. 


Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA
Professor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
Volpe SmartState® Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Biomarker Development and Molecular Proteomics
Director, Division of Cardiology
Director, Heart and Vascular Integrated Center of Excellence

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Thomas G. Di Salvo, M.D., MPH, MBA

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