Follow our five easy steps to start a Facebook fundraiser for MUSC

As a nonprofit with limited resources, we depend on our alumni, patients, and friends like you to support cutting-edge research, compassionate patient care, and world-class education for students in our six colleges.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Choose “Fundraisers” from your Facebook menu. From a desktop, the menu is to the left of your newsfeed. You may have to scroll down or click “see more” to find fundraisers. On your phone, tap the three lines on the bottom right to reach the menu.
  2. Tap “Raise Money” and choose “Nonprofit.”
  3. Search for MUSC Foundation.
  4. 4. Fill in your fundraising details. Change the title to show your support for a cause, like the COVID-19 pandemic, or a specific area, like MUSC Hollings Cancer Center. Example: “Melissa’s fundraiser for MUSC’s COVID-19 Emergency Response.”
  5. Tap create.

Bonus step for success

The moment your fundraiser goes live, click the invite button to share your fundraiser with all your friends! Inviting all of your Facebook friends is vital to your fundraiser’s success. You should also copy the link to your fundraiser and email it all of your friends. And consider adding it to your electronic signature throughout your fundraiser!

More questions about Facebook Fundraisers? Please visit Facebook Help Center.